Welcome to this post! I hope you find it useful. Please add your thoughts down below in the “comments” section.
Welcome to this post! I hope you find it useful. Please add your thoughts down below in the “comments” section.

Amazon Prime: Is it Good for Preppers?

Amazon Prime. Is it worth it for preppers?  In a word … yes. I’ve been using Prime for the free shipping since that was the only benefit.  It works for me because I buy enough from Amazon that the money I save on shipping outweighs the cost. 

Amazon Prime free delivery for preppers

Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon Prime offers significant delivery options, including free two-day (or faster in many cases) delivery.  At this time, many of the options are not available everywhere, and in rural areas you’re likely going to have to rely on UPS and FedEx delivery options.  But even in those cases the free delivery option still applies.  So give it a try: Amazon offers 30 days free.

Free Shipping Options

This is the benefit that first drew me to Amazon Prime years ago and it’s the benefit that gives me the most value.  In general, if you order more than $35 worth of goods, you get free economy shipping. The Prime membership upgrades that to 2-day, in most cases. Also, with the Prime membership, you receive the Prime shipping for almost every order regardless of the total order amount. I buy so much from Amazon that it’s very nice not to have to worry about ganging up orders just to meet the $35 minimum for free shipping.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost?

The standard cost is $12.99 / month, or $119 / year.  Just figure out if the total shipping costs for all of your orders over the last year would add up to more than $119.  If so, it’s an easy decision.  Remember though, that not all items that you purchase on Amazon, and I’m primarily talking about third-party sellers who don’t use Amazon for fulfillment (shipping).  Those sellers ship their goods directly to you, so Amazon can’t give you a break on the shipping.  It’s just something to watch out for.

If you are or have a student in your household, or someone who receives SNAP or Medicaid benefits, you can receive a significant discount on the Prime subscription price.  It’s a good deal for people who can use a good deal.  Students can get a 6-month trial instead of the standard one-month trial.  

Bottom line, check it out, crunch some numbers and see if it’s right for you.

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