Welcome to this post! I hope you find it useful. Please add your thoughts down below in the “comments” section.
Welcome to this post! I hope you find it useful. Please add your thoughts down below in the “comments” section.

Coffee-break Preps Series

What are “coffee-break preps”? What is coffee-break prepping? No, it’s not preparing for your next coffee break! It’s a single, discrete prep that you can do while you’re having a coffee break or lunch break. Everyone who has commitments, a family, a more-than-fulltime job, etc., struggles to find time to prep. A key to my philosophy is to make prepping easy for you. So I’m starting a new series called “Coffee-break Prepping.”

Coffee-Break Preps Series — What is It?

I’m creating a series of short tasks you can do, or preps you can take, that will give you meaningful progress in your preparedness.  Some will be “stuff” focused, some skills-oriented, and others are just things to think about.  Because of the time constraints involved with modern life, most of these coffee-break preps can be completed during your morning coffee or during your lunch break.

The coffee-break preps will help you quickly make progress in your prepping by giving you small, easily doable projects that make a meaningful difference in your preps.

The Details

My goal is to publish two to three coffee-break prep tips per week. Quick and easy tips will be published solely on my Twitter feed. The tweets will be identified by the hashtag #CoffeeBreakPreps. For prep tips that need more space, we’ll do a quick blog post. The tips will cover the gamut of our prepping categories: communications, security, food & food storage, water, bugging out, health & medical, and various homesteading topics. The prep tips will span all stages of preparedness, from beginner to advanced, but will be weighted toward the beginner. We want to help people get started prepping.

Some of the topics that I’m thinking about include:

Morning Coffee - Coffee-break Preps
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