How Much Fits in a 5-Gallon Bucket?

As preppers, we’re always asking how much food fits in a 5-gallon bucket, or some variation thereof. We go back and forth between pounds (or, kilograms for the rest of the world) and gallons. A 50-pound bag of rice fits in how many five gallon buckets? How about dividing the ten pounds of oatmeal that I just bought? I want to put that into manageable one-gallon mylar bags, so how many?

Coming from the other point of view, when you look at storage and see six (5-gal) buckets of beans and six buckets of rice, you know that you have roughly a year’s worth of food. Below is a handy chart for you to use to see how much of a particular food item will fit in a one-gallon mylar bag and a five-gallon bucket.

Maximum Weights of Dry Goods that will Fit in 5 Gallon Bucket

Amount of Grain per Gallon or per Five-Gallon Bucket
Item Weight / Gallon Weight / 5-Gallon
Cracked Red Wheat # 29.2 lbs
Hard Red/White Wheat # 37.5 lbs
Barley # 36 lbs
Corn # 37.5 lbs
Buckwheat (Hulled) # 35 lbs
Flax # 31 lbs
White Rice (Long Grain) # 35 lbs (or 33 1/3)
Par Boiled Rice # 35 lbs (or 33 1/3)
Oats (Rolled) # 21 lbs
Oats (Steel Cut) # 35 lbs
Oat Groats # 35 lbs
Oat Bran # 25 lbs
Wheat Bran # 12.5 lbs
Dry Dog Food (Pedigree Adult)
(see note below)
# 18-20 lbs

A Note on Storing Dog Food / Prepping for Dogs

Dry dog food is hard to store because it goes bad relatively quickly. Everyone says. I’m going to do two things with respect to dog food. First, I’m going to do more research on it and I’m going to conduct my own experiments. I don’t know if I’ll try to store some in mylar bags with O2 absorbers, because even if that would preserve it, I don’t know if it would be worth the expense. There are other solutions. I will post some articles on the topic.

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