Welcome to this post! I hope you find it useful. Please add your thoughts down below in the “comments” section.
Welcome to this post! I hope you find it useful. Please add your thoughts down below in the “comments” section.

Zombies In WROL – Don’t Underestimate Them – A Covid-19 Lesson

Zombies exist. They really do.  I see at least one or two every day. The problem is what happens to these zombies in WROL situations.

In my little suburban homebase, the house across from me is owned by an older couple. They have a grandson in his early 30s, who’s a degenerate junkie.  I’ve seen him buy pills, I’ve see him desperately trying to find a vein while shooting up. And the grandparents enable him by letting him live with them; and his degenerate junkie prostitute girlfriend, too.  I’ll post some stories on my Patreon page, but not here.  Sorry, that’s not for public consumption. The entire neighborhood knows his girlfriend and him as junkies, wannabe drug dealers, chronic petty thieves, and all-around miscreants.

Another neighbor (a nice guy, salt of the earth) swears that the junkie poses no threat as long as you don’t leave anything lying around that you don’t want to get up and walk away.  My neighbor characterizes him as being unaware, oblivious, in a constant haze … a zombie.  I keep telling my neighbor that he should not underestimate the guy.  I’ve seen him furtively check out every car parked on the street as he walks the sidewalk.  I’ve seen him pay just a little too much attention to houses and yards.  I’ve seen him check out the boxes in people’s trash, seeing what new things they just bought.

I keep telling the neighbor that the junkie may not be a serious threat as long as he has a steady supply of drugs. But I’ve seen him jonesing. He can be a threat.  What happens if there is an actual lockdown?  What happens if the virus sweeps through his drug dealer’s “community.” Now I am sure that the junkie has multiple dealers on his speed dial.  But what if none of them picks up the phone when he calls?  Like I said, I’ve seen him jonesing and he gets desperate.  He and his addict/prostitute girlfriend would turn into zombies in WROL situations.

The junkie, like every other career criminal, has eyes on the back of his head. He knows more than he lets on. He knows what’s going on in every house on the block. Just the other day I heard him telling another guy about which houses on the block are vacant.  Seriously.

Lesson: Zombies in WROL situations are not to be underestimated; do so at your own peril.

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