COVID-19 Food Shortages: Are they Coming?

Meat Supply covid-19 Food Shortages

News is breaking about possible Covid-19 food shortages. Certain meat producers have begun shuttering plants because workers have contracted the Coronavirus. See, e.g., this report from CBS’s Philadelphia affiliate station and this Time article. The shutdowns in some cases are indefinite (as in “not defined”) or are an unrealistically short two weeks.  What does this mean for all … Read more

Grocery Shopping Safety and Covid-19

Grocery Shopping Safety

Grocery shopping safety.  In “normal times,” we take it for granted. But we’re not in normal times right now. Below we go through some tips to help you make your trips to the grocery store easier, faster, and increase your grocery shopping safety. Rules for Grocery Shopping Safety in a Pandemic Reduce Trip Frequency Reduce … Read more